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A more personal approach to your allergy relief

Our patients always appreciate the relief they get at Warwick Allergy. But what they tell us most often is how much they appreciate the care they receive from Dr. Louie. A naturally compassionate person, Dr. Louie is easy to talk to and always takes the time to help you feel comfortable.

If you’ve ever felt rushed through your allergy treatment or felt like another chart in a busy day, we know you’ll value Dr. Louie’s involved, personal approach. You’ll get the same level of attention from all of us here at Warwick Allergy. As a small, private office, each of us is able to give you the friendly, personal service we believe in.

Getting answers with state-of-the-art testing

Your allergy symptoms will be fully investigated, starting with a thorough medical history and exam. You and Dr. Louie will talk about all your symptoms, your concerns and your medical problems. Then, if you need testing, Dr. Louie will explain everything to you in detail and make it convenient and comfortable for you. Testing available through Warwick Allergy includes:

  • All types of skin tests, gently performed by professional staff
  • RAST (radioallergosorbent) blood test
  • Challenge tests for asthma and certain food or drug allergies
  • Arrangement for chest X-ray and computed tomography, or “CAT” scan of the chest or sinuses
  • Pulmonary testing to discover different types of asthma, especially exercise-triggered asthma

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845.986.5352 192 Prospect Ave
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